The Tags

image taken from Google Maps

The work is on the side wall of a house facing Natrona St. between W.Dakota and W. Gordon in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of Philadelphia. Someone posted a photo of it somewhere - I can't remember where now - and I had to track it down. I know nothing about it beyond the obvious: it's a collection of what appear to be many street tags. I thought it might have been done by one person, but a veteran graffiti artist told me it was probably done by three or four spray painters.

I've seen lots of excellent graffiti, clever, elaborate and deftly drawn masterworks - sometimes imbued with social, political or personal messages. This piece is different. It is joyous and straightforward in a major key. If there's a message here it's one of exuberant, grinning defiance. It's simple and honest, and I love it.

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