What's Up

Whenever I got inside an unfamiliar abandoned building, the first thing I did was head for the roof. Whether the rest of the building was interesting or not, there was always something to see on - or at least from - the roof. Some roofs are more interesting than others. For example, the Budd plant in Philadelphia comprised six separate, interconnected buildings; of the nine photographs in this collection, four are from the Budd.
(Forgive me for making up a word - a portmanteau, no less.)

got you covered
Budd Plant, Philadelphia, 2017

carrier one
Budd Plant, Philadelphia, 2018

too early
W.Indiana & N.16th, Philadelphia, 2018

above decks
Budd Plant, Philadelphia, 2018

do not disturb
Johnston & Monitor, Jersey City, 2015

carrier two
Budd plant, Philadelphia, 2017


Johnston & Monitor, Jersey City, 2014

signed out
W.Indiana & N.16th, Philadelphia, 2015

upstairs empire
Delaware Power Station, Philadelphia, 2018

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